Reza Nozari

About Reza

I am Reza Nozari, a 29 year old software engineer living in Kerman, Iran. I was born and raised in Kerman. I am currently as the head of technical team at Partonama Co, where we do all things JavaScript.

I have been programming for about 14 years now. I started with JAVA in 2002; later I moved on to PHP and started a career coding PHP web applications. Then I became interested in Web Design and that helped me shape my future in web development. After Node.JS was born and JavaScript started getting stronger, I decided to focus mostly on JavaScript and that is where I am at today.

I have a diverse set of skills, ranging from design, to HTML + CSS + Javascript, all the way to PHP, custom Drupal module development,NodeJS,Network administration and Linux server administration.

See my CV in PDF: here or HTML: here.