Reza Nozari

I have a lot of experience in web development and I have participated in developing more than 60 websites and 15 web applications mostly based on PHP and MEAN Stack. Here are some of my favorite projects:

All Websites Applications


Cloud based digital signage software suite based on MEAN stack and raspberry pi. The content will deliver to the screens via browser session, which is working through websocket.

Cheshmeh Software

Accounting and user management of water sports complex.
The software is based on Linux and Drupal and the hardware for the checkpoints is raspberry pi with connected RFID reader, which works with the server via ethernet connection.

Pistachio management software based on Drupal and bootstrap

Accounting and user management of Pourhojati Pistachio terminal based on PHP and Drupal.

Social Media Crawler

A social media crawler software based on PHP and MongoDB.


Online reservation for Cheshmeh sport complex is based on MEAN stack.

Automation Software

Office Automation web application software based on Drupal.

Narenji - Nardebaan - Negahbaan

Three of the popular blogs in technology and security. Narenji was winner of Deutsche Welle award as the best persian weblog.

Goharmess Website

GoharMes Mining & Industries Development Co website design and develope based on drupal